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EU-sponsored ‘The Handbook on Prisoners’ Rights’ not allowed in Turkish prisons

By SCF - August 28, 2017

 “The Handbook on Prisoners’ Rights”, a guide for inmates to protect their rights in jail which was published by the contributions of the European Union and Turkey’s Institution of Human Rights and Equality (TİHEK) has not reportedly been allowed in Denizli T Type Prison.

The Civil Society in the Penal System (CISST) chairman Mustafa Eren told turkish media that they have submitted the handbook to the prisoners in the Denizli Prison but the book was rejected by the education department at the prison on August 15.

“It is a direct violation of prisoners’ right to block such publications. Such incidents have recently increased in number,” Eren said.

Underlining that TİHEK was set up by Turkish Parliament, Eren added that the decision by Denizli Prison was arbitrary. (turkeypurge.com)

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