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What The Turkstat Crime Statistics Don’t Tell

Bianet - 23/11/2021 Number of convicted foreigners in Turkey increased by more than 10 times in a decade Click to read the article in Turkish Due to the increase in the number of prisoners in Turkey, we are witnessing an increase in the number of foreign national prisoners as well. While the number of all…

The Trial of IIhan Comak in Istanbul

Bedford Row International, October 6, 2016 By Alexander Kay By Margaret Owen, Door Tenant at 9 Bedford Row, London Today the final trial of the former University Student, Ilhan Comak, takes place. He was only 20 years old when arrested 22 years ago. Ilhan is from Izmir, but because he was arrested, charged with membership of…

Coup arrests push Turkish penal system to breaking point

Reuters – August 04, 2016 Seda Sezer, Daren Butler ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Even before last month’s coup attempt, Turkey’s penal system was overstretched, with crowded prisons and backlogged courts. Now, it is struggling to cope with an influx of thousands who have been detained in the aftermath of the attempted putsch. A woman walks behind a…

Sentenced to death in Turkish jails

Hürriyet Daily News – Melis Alphan - February 06, 2016 The Justice Ministry recently announced that there are 387 inmates in Turkey’s prisons with serious illnesses. Of these inmates, 114 are suffering from cancer.Did you know that more than 300 prisoners die every year in Turkey? Indeed, almost every day a coffin comes out of…

Outside/Turkey: 1914 children officially in prison

Inside out Borders – 11 July 2014 ΣΥΝΤΆΚΤΗΣ INSIDEOUT BORDERS · ΔΗΜΟΣΙΕΎΤΗΚΕ 11 ΙΟΥΛΊΟΥ 2014 · ΕΝΗΜΕΡΏΘΗΚΕ 11 ΙΟΥΛΊΟΥ 2014 Responding to a parliamentarian inquiry of Pervin Buldan from HDP, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ said 1,914 children are in prison in Turkey. Besides, 353 children stay with their prisoner or convict mothers. Children average period of detention in the country…

1,914 Children Officially in Prison in Turkey

Bianet – 09 July 2014 Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ responded a parliamentarian inquiry of Pervin Buldan from People’s Democratic Party (HDP) about the children in prisons and the pressure they are experiencing. Bekir Bozdağ stated a total of 1,914 children including 472 convicts and 1,442 prisoners were in jail. He also stated 353 children stayed…


LGBTI News Turkey – 4 May 2014 Zafer Kıraç and Mustafa Eren, “Avşa’nın Mektubu, Translar ve Türkiye Hapishaneleri” (“Avşa’s Letter: Transsexuals and Turkish Prisons”) LGBT Hapiste, 4 May 2014, http://lgbthapiste.wordpress.com/2014/05/04/avsanin-mektubu-translar-ve-turkiye-hapishaneleri/ “Homosexuals are denied work in prison workshops; they are denied visits to the clinic; as well opportunities to exercise, go to the library, seek religious instruction,…


LGBTI News Turkey - 13 April 2014 Source: Damla Yur, “Eşcinsellere Ayrı Cezaevi Yolda” (“Towards Homosexual-Only Prisons”), Milliyet, 13 April 2014, http://gundem.milliyet.com.tr/escinsellere-ayri-cezaevi-yolda/gundem/detay/1866198/default.htm Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ declared that there is an initiation to establish a special prison to hold prisoners and detainees with alternative sexual orientations. The prison plan received negative reactions for the reason that it…